Firefly 2 (Generalüberholt)


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Firefly 2 (Generalüberholt)

Generalüberholt: Unsere generalüberholten Geräte werden auf vollständige Funktionstüchtigkeit getestet und sind mit allen Teilen und Accessoires ausgestattet (originale oder vergleichbare Ersatzteile). Jedes generalüberholte Gerät wurde ausführlich getestet und vollständig gereinigt bzw. inspiziert. Alle durch VapoShop verkauften generalüberholten Geräte sind mit einer einjährigen Garantie ausgestattet.

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Firefly 2 (Generalüberholt) kundenreviews

tim s. 2017-03-11

after i received my refurbished pax 2 which works perfectly, i decided to go with a refurbished firefly 2, too! one of my best decisions. the device as well works perfectly, delivers a fantastic flavour and the smoothest vapor i've ever tasted. the vapor production is actually quite good but not to compare with some of the high quality conduction vapes. if you know what you can expect from a firefly 2 i hardly recommend the device.

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Firefly 2 (Generalüberholt) Fragen

  • A.S: 2019-05-03 12:49:18
    Hello,Concerning this refurbished FF2, the color is the traditional Black version or the Jet Black version (full black) ?
    In the Dropdown-Menu you can make a selection between Jet Black and the traditional Black Firefly 2.
  • Sam: 2019-01-14 12:56:56
    Hi vaposhop, I just wanted to ask what the difference between a refurbished unit and a brand new one would be? Does it come with all the same accessories (2 batteries, liquid pads, charger) and does it have any damage or other issues with the unit? Thank you for your time Sam
    I would say the main difference is that it has been unpacked and used. A refurbished Firefly 2 Unit comes with the same accessories as a new one (original or suitable replacements) so you will receive everything you mentioned above. The refurbished Units are tested by us so there won't be any technical issues additionally we give a year of warranty on every refurbished Vaporizer.
  • Jean-Philippe: 2018-03-23 13:04:41
    Hi,I saw you mentionned that your refurbished firefly 2 comes with the same accessories than a new one. As you offer a free firefly case with the firefly 2, is it the same for the refurbished ones?Best regards.
    The refurbished firefly 2 comes without the free case.
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