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Dr. Dabber Switch

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Der Dr. Dabber Switch ist ein moderner Konzentratvaporizer, der keines gleichen kennt. Diese beeindruckend gebaute Maschine kombiniert Kraft und Einfachkeit für eine verbesserte Verdampfungserfahrung mit Konzentraten. It's certainly big and bold making the Switch a banger, a machine that delivers water-cooled hits without fail. So switch up your concentrate game now!

Dr. Dabber Switch features

Fast dabbing. The Switch is super fast.  A cold load is absolutely feasible. Depending on the temperature setting it averages 4 seconds to heat up. That truly is vape & go!


Dual-use. The Dr. Dabber Switch is an all-time great concentrate vaporizer, but if you crave vaping flower it can also handle herbs. Just be sure to realize this is primarily a concentrate vaporizer.


Pure induction. The Switch is built for pure induction heating that almost instantly turns your oils into vapour. The electronics are completely separated from the heating element so you will never have to worry about leaking material into the machine.


Auto-clean. Dabbing can be a messy hobby as concentrates leave a mark on your gear. The Switch has an auto-clean mode that burns off residue at the highest temperature. The glass part can be easily cleaned with some alcohol or salt.


Serious battery life and power. The impressive built houses a serious punch. The battery life of the Switch is unsurpassable. On a full charge, you can get up to 100 dabs. And within the hour the battery will be recharged.

Technical specs

  • Battery: rechargeable LiFePO4 cells

  • Height with glass attachment: 33 cm

  • Base: 10.2 cm

  • Weight with glass attachment: 1.2 kg

  • Temperature range: 148 °C - 426 °C

  • Charge time: 1 hour

What's in the box

Switch Induction Vaporizer

Glass Attachment

Glass Loading Tool/Carb Cap

Oil Induction Cup

Leaf Induction Cup

Power/Charging Cable

Reverse Tweezers

Silicone Concentrate Container


 VapoShop Verdict

The Dr Dabber Switch is without a doubt a great concentrate vaporizer. It's extremely well designed for optimal usability turning the vaping of concentrates in a joyful experience. The Switch is a bit of beast that will seldom leave the house but it's big for a reason. When you buy the Switch you choose power, speed and reliability. One thing we have to stress: use it as a concentrate vaporizer that's really what it was made for.


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Dr. Dabber Switch Fragen

Tragbar / Desktop: Desktop
Dampfabgabe: Direkt
Regulierbare Temperatur: Ja
Kompatibilität: Öl + Kräuter
Aufwärmzeit: 0-10 Sekunden
Auto-Ausschaltfunktion: Ja
Garantie: 2 Jahre
Austauschbare Batterie: Nein
Hersteller: Dr. Dabber
Ladeanwendung: Ja
Batterie: 3000 mAh
Abmessungen: 25.4 x 10.1 x 10.1 cm
Temperaturbereich: 148 °C - 426 °C
Gewicht: 1200 g