PAX 2 Half Pack Oven Lid

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PAX 2 Half Pack Oven Lid Eigenschaften

  • Hersteller: PAX Labs Inc.

PAX 2 Half Pack Oven Lid

<p>Der Half Pack Oven Lid erlaubt es den PAX 2 auch mit einer halbvollen Kammer zu verwenden. Exzellente Dampfproduktion wird weiterhin garantiert.</p>

PAX 2 Half Pack Oven Lid kundenreviews

Leo 2017-03-10

Makes total sense to me to reduce the space using a biger lid that reaches deeper into the oven. That's what I wanted it to be and In theory in does what it promises. But the material seems cheaper made than the original lid. The nogo for me is that the half pack oven lid emits a plasticy flavor that's most certainly unhealthy and it tastes really bad. Changed back to the original lid and the bad taste and smell is gone. I'll try to send it back and try getting a different one, maybe that one which is made of more metal parts. I'm really disappointed!

Davor 2016-12-03

A must have if you vape by yourself! Improves the experience in every way in my honest opinion. I use less herb now, get the same results, don't have to stir the herb while in session because it is tightly packed and it heats up more evenly. I would recommend every PAX2 user or future user to get it straight away. Improved my solo vape sessions a lot.

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PAX 2 Half Pack Oven Lid Fragen

  • Gabriele Furlan: 2018-06-20 20:51:47
    Hi, is this compatible with Pax 3?
    Yes, the Half Pack Oven Lid is compatible with both devices, the Pax 3 and the Pax 2.
  • Monika: 2018-05-24 18:56:40
    Does this work for the Pax 3?
    Yes, this also compatible with the PAX 3.
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