Boundless CFC reviews

  • LoveIt:
    Quick heat up, amazing battery capacity, large bowl, easy to clean, creative design, great price point. A+ brand Boundless love my vape
  • van der Beek:
    I am really content with this device. It is small, cheap and extremely powerful. I don't think it is any worse than a much more expensive one by firefly and others. It heats up in seconds. I love the flavor. Absolutely wonderful. Best vaporizer ever, I think.
  • Vape:
    It's my first vaporizer but there's to steam coming out of it? I mean it tastes as it should I think but I thought it produces at least a bit of steam...??? Is this normal or is my vaporizer broken?

    Please tell me...

    Ps. I tried to publish a question but it doesn't work. It just leads to a page about FAQs.
  • rodolfo:
    Piccolo grande vaporizzatore, peccato per il boccaglio non all'altezza, plastica sottilissima e non resistente al calore se viene corretto questo difetto o almeno reso disponibile come ricambio gratis (dura poco) 5 stelle per il resto
  • J:
    Although discrete with great control over the vapor the mouth piece gets quite hot, uncomfortably so even at lower temperatures and the internal filter is in no way attached.

    If the above was addressed it would be 5 stars. As is it's not as good as other offerings.
  • Steven:
    Echt een discreet, krachtig en goed ontworpen toestel. Ik ben zeer tevreden. Hopelijk kan er een reservegaasje besteld worden. Want het ultrafijne exemplaar dat nu in de ovenkamer ligt raakt zeker zoek bij hervullen van Boundless CFC
  • Stofke86:
    Net aangekregen en onmiddellijk geprobeerd.
    Is heel snel op temp.
    dampt heel fijn, allemaal kwalitatieve onderdelen.
    Ligt goed in de hand.
    En weer een tevreden klant bij :-)

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