Boundless CFC reviews

  • A guy:
    This product is wonderful.

    I was a bit scared to buy it because of some of the bad reviews around here but no regrets now !

    Btw some people are complaining that there is no smoke coming out but they can taste the flavour of their herbs ; you gotta put more (not too much) and inhale slowly... It takes a bit of practice to find the nice spot of temperature, inhaling speed and right quantity of herbs you should you but don't blame the product for it.

    Great product :)
  • jackson:
    Small and fucking hot vapor
  • Stefano:

    I bought one and it is just arrived and I am trying it.
    I have tried both the peppermint you sent me and some other kind of grass :)
    I set the temperature at 185 C as I read on the web and when the device was ready I took some puffs...nothing! How is it possible? Is actually hot so I suppose it is not broken or something, but still when I exale it comes out ABSOLUTLEY NO SMOKE or any kind of steam. Needless to say I am not experincing anything. The only effect is that I can taste the peppermint for the first 3-4 puff and then even the taste is gone. I am kinda sorry and disappointed, I hope some of you could help me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

    Stefano V
  • Benjamin:
    Le vapo est sympa et efficace (c'est mon premier)
    Très déçus du pack... Le capo possède une petite grille a mettre au fond, elle n'est pas attaché et il n'y en a pas de remplacement.
    Et maintenant que je l'ai perdu, je fais comment ?
  • Kille:
    Hi, ich hätte gerne gewusst wieviel Kräuter ungefähr in die Kammer passen??
    Danke im voraus.

    Gruss K.
  • Geo:
    Garbage vaporizer. Plastic teared off after 4 days of use. Vaposhop has also been ignoring my messages for 48 hours about the status of the refund, even though I shipped it back 75 hours ago.
  • Patrick :
    its a great Vapo . best i have used in this pricerange. would buy again.
  • LoveIt:
    Quick heat up, amazing battery capacity, large bowl, easy to clean, creative design, great price point. A+ brand Boundless love my vape
  • van der Beek:
    I am really content with this device. It is small, cheap and extremely powerful. I don't think it is any worse than a much more expensive one by firefly and others. It heats up in seconds. I love the flavor. Absolutely wonderful. Best vaporizer ever, I think.
  • Vape:
    It's my first vaporizer but there's to steam coming out of it? I mean it tastes as it should I think but I thought it produces at least a bit of steam...??? Is this normal or is my vaporizer broken?

    Please tell me...

    Ps. I tried to publish a question but it doesn't work. It just leads to a page about FAQs.

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