Storm reviews

  • georgepap:
    I chose this unit because you can change the battery. It gives you a great vape, taste and cloud. Gets really hot when using but not a problem. The chamber is big, good when with company. Easy to clean. No coils to change. To conserve wasting my special herbs I mix them with a little tobacco and lavender when vaping alone. Great taste. Stopped using Ecig. Something about the taste I didn't like. Its really good. Would have been nice if there was a system to use this unit with a 510 Mod battery. Great product. You must try it.
  • Johann:
    I chose this product as my first vaporizer. I'm really happy with it, although the battery life is not exceptional: it lasts two sessions. Another issue I encountered (I personally don't consider that a "defect" as I know it is proper of many other models in the entry-level price tag) is that the net of the mouthpiece gets obstructed by vaped herbs. The airflow keeps to be smooth for 6-7 puffs, then you have to take off the mouthpiece and remove the obstruction. After all it is a very nice product: sturdy, durable, efficient. The best way of enjoying the pure flavour of your dried herbs. I think the producer should provide an extra battery: it would be the most honest solution to the annoying problem of battery shortage. Anyway, the design choice of using a standard and removable battery is very valuable; definitely something that distinguishes the Storm from its rivals in this price tag.
  • Miha:
    Very nice vaporizer. Works well, easy to use. Nice clouds, inhaling is easy and does not require a lot of work as with some pen vaporizers. I use this at home and I have it almost all the time charging up. For using it on the go, I suggest buying couple of extra batteries. (from eBay 40€ 10batteries).. I would recommend this. especially since in this new version the glass mouthpiece is included. Thank you vaposhop.
  • Gohrs:
    Mein erster Tragbarer Vaporizer und ich bin einfach begeistert.
    Der Versand war blitzschnell: Montag bestellt und Mittwoch bereits geliefert. Diskrete Verpackung mit ausreichend Polsterung so das der Inhalt gut geschützt war.
    Nun zum Storm: Einfacher Aufbau besteht lediglich aus batteriefach, Heizkammer und Mundstück. Alles wertig verarbeitet und liegt gut in der hand. Ich würde das Glasmundstück empfehlen um ein unverfälschtes Geschmacks Erlebnis zu erreichen. Dieses lässt sich mithilfe von Alkohol und einem Wattestäbchen leicht reinigen.
    Nach etwa 60 s aufwärmzeit ist der Storm einsatzbereit. Überraschend starker Geschmack, besonders wenn man die Kräuter extrem klein grindet. Angenehmes mundgefühl da er sich nur mäßig erhitzt. Nach längerem Gebrauch erwärmt sich allerdings das Gehäuse so das er sich nur noch am Batterie Fach halten lässt.
    Der Storm hält etwa 5x5 Minuten Dann ist aufladen angesagt was bis zu 3 Stunden dauern kann. Deshalb empfehle ich eine Ersatzbaterie, da das Benutzen während dem Laden nicht möglich ist.
    Der Storm ist seit etwa 3 Wochen im täglichen Einsatz und ich konnte keinerlei Abnutzung feststellen.
    Kann den Storm jedem wärmstens empfehlen, gerade als Einsteiger Modell wegen des geringen Preises.
  • Zakk:
    BTW, I am absolutely loving this. Easy to use, easy to clean, looks the dogs bollocks and feels very sturdy. Moved onto this after being unhappy with my da Vinci ascent for quite while as it had too many parts, was too difficult to clean and wasn't very portable when you take into account the charger. It is so stealthy you can vape in public anywhere and nobody would notice any difference. Apart from the smell. So so happy with this, even better that you can take replacement batteries with you, so good on a night out.
  • Simon:
    Très bon vapo portable. J'ai arrêté de fumer grâce à lui ça fait 2mois (j'étais de 3 à 10 pet par jour) en plus j'ai considérablement réduit ma consommation je suis à moins d'1g par jour contre 3g avant
  • benoit:
    Décu, clairement, ce vapo est une vrai "bouse" pour rester poli. Il sert à rien (à part perdre 100e), chauffe bizarrement et il faut tirer dessus comme un pauvre malade pour en faire sortir quelque chose, quand ça sort, en bref, je le déconseille vraiment. C’était un cadeau pour noël et je suis vraiment dégoûter du vapo pour ma première expérience. Passez votre chemin et allez en voir un autre.
  • Schroedinger:
    I have been using this vape for two months now. I threw away my tobacco and papers and never looked back: No more wheezing and coughing in the morning after an evening of enjoying herbs (I am a herb enthusiast for > 20 years now). The taste is excellent and the effects are just amazing (compared to smoking). After about a month, the device had some issues (the cover coming off) but was replaced fast and without issues by vaposhop.
  • J:
    I'm new to this things but this vaporizer is doing the job I wanted. Simple as that
  • Nord:
    This vaporizer is awesome! I just excited how well it designed and built. It heats in minute and switches off after 5 minute session, not to burn your herb. This is the new version, glass mouthpiece included! Arrived in 3 days. Vaposhop - you are doing great job! Thanks for gifts included! :)

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